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Hot Water
Cylinders Hot water cylinders
Cold Water
Tanks Cold water storage tanks
Systems Rainwater gutter and downpipe supplies
End Feed
Fittings End feed plumbing fittings
Solder Ring
Fittings Copper Solder Ring Plumbing Fittings
Fittings Brass Compression Plumbing Fitting Supplies
Pipe Copper Pipe. 15mm, 22mm and 28mm Lengths
PolyFit Pipe
and Fittings Polyfit Plumbing Fittings and Pipe
PolyPlumb Pipe
and Fittings Polyplumb Pipe and Fittings
Valves Plumbing valves and stopcocks
Fittings Plumbing gas supplies
Solvent Weld
Waste Fittings Solvent Weld Plumbing Supplies
Waste Fittings Compression waste plumbing fittings
Solvent Weld
Soil Fittings Solvent weld soil pipe and fittings
PushFit Soil
Fittings Pushfit soil pipe and fittings
Universal Overflow
Pipe and Fittings Universal overflow pipe and fittings
Fittings 110mm Underground pipe and fittings
Traps Mcalpine plastic plumbing traps
Connectors Mcalpine pan connectors
Consumables Consumable Plumbing Supplies
Hoses Flexible compression and pushfit hoses for bathroom taps
Pumps Salamander Shower Pumps

Best Sellers

32mm Tubular Swivel `P` Trap 32mm Tubular Swivel `P` Trap now £8.39
Indirect Vented Hot Water Cylinder 36 x 18 Inch Indirect Vented Hot Water Cylinder 36 x 18 Inch now £149.50
Everbuild General Purpose Silicone White Everbuild General Purpose Silicone White now £3.60
PTFE Tape for Water - Pack of 10 PTFE Tape for Water - Pack of 10 now £3.60

Plumbing Supplies at Allbits

Here at Allbits we have an extensive choice of plumbing supplies. Ranges of fittings include end-feed, solder ring, compression, polyfit and polyplumb. Waste fittings include solvent weld and compression in all popular sizes. Plastic traps, pan connectors, flexible hoses are all available to complete any small or large bathroom project. We also stock all the plumbing consumables you may need, all at discounted prices.

We also stock a good selection of hot water cylinders and cold water tanks in all shapes and sizes.

If it's rainwater guttering and downpipe you need, we supply domestic roundstyle and squarestyle in black or white options.